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Collections / Antiques / Furniture / Furniture Glossary
Furniture Glossary

Antique furniture
Furniture Glossary
Furniture Styles
Taking Care of Furniture

Study Suits
Chairs and Armchairs
Bedroom Suites
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Lamination - a method of gluing together sheets of wood with the grain in different directions to produce a material that is thinner and lighter than solid wood

Lawson - an overstuffed sofa that has square seat cushions, short backrests, and high arms

Lincoln rocker - an upholstered rocking chair with an exposed wooden frame, high back and padded armrest

Linen-press - a cupboard with shelves for storing linen and clothes

Loo table - a large Victorian card or games table

Loose pillow back - a pillow treatment which can be removed from an upholstered piece

Loper - a pullout arm used to support the hinged fall of a bureau

Love seat - smaller version of sofa typically made up of two seating cushions to accommodate two people

Lowboy - American term for a small dressing table


Marquetry - the use of veneer and other inlays to make decorative patterns in wood

Married - term referring to an item of furniture that has been made up from two or more associated pieces, usually from the same period

MDF - medium density fiberboard; made from compressed particles of wood and used in the construction of furniture

Modernism - style of the 1920s and 1930s, which rejected ornamentation in favor of geometric forms and smooth surfaces

Modular seating - upholstered seating units which can be joined and rearranged with other units to form different seating arrangements

Mortise-and-tenon joint - a carpentry joint formed by inserting a tab or tenon into a closely fitting slot or mortise. Dovetailing is one variation

Motion furniture - furniture containing a mechanism or mechanisms, such as reclining backs or extending footrests, which allow it to adjust to your body for increased comfort

Mule chest - chest with drawers in the base; forerunner of the chest-of-drawers

Muntons/Muntins/Muttons/Mutons - dividers over glass panels in windows and china cabinets


Neoclassic - Mid to late 18th century of architecture and decoration based on the ancient forms Greece and Rome.

Nest of tables - a set of occasional tables that slide one beneath the other when not in use


Ogee - descriptive of an edge or foot consisting of two curves, the top convex and the bottom concave, forming an S-curve

Ottoman - an upholstered footstool


Pad or club foot - a rounded foot that sits on a circular base; used in conjunction with cabriole legs on furniture

Parquetry - geometric marquetry made from veneers of various woods

Parsons leg - a long fully upholstered leg

Pedestal desk - a flat desk, usually with a leather top, that stands on two banks of drawers

Pedestal table - a table supported by a single central base

Pediment - equivalent in Classical architecture of a gable; a triangular head or topping

Pegged furniture - early joined furniture constructed by a system of slots and tenons, held together by dowels

Pembroke table - a small two-flap table that stands on four legs

Pencil-post bed - a bed with four slim posts; used alone or with a canopy

Pie-crust top - an ornately carved decorative edge of a dished-top tripod or tea-table

Pilaster - a false column used for decorative purposes

Platform base - three- or four-cornered flat table bases supporting a central pedestal and standing on scrolled or paw feet

Plywood - form of laminated wood with the grain of the alternate layers set at right angles

Post-modernism - a reaction against Modernism that began during the 1950s and promoted the reintroduction of bright colors and decorative components

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