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Collections / Abbreviations
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1st First Edition
ABM Automatic Bottle Machine(bottles prior to 1910)
ACL Applied Color Label (bottles)
ADV Adventure (Books / Movies)
AG About Good (coins)
ANTH Anthology (books)
AU About Un-circulated (coins)
BB BB Sized Hole Drilled Through Record LabelBeanie Baby
BBC Bottom of Back Cover
BC Back Cover
BCE Book Club Edition
BIM Blown in Mold(bottles prior to 1910)
BIO Biography
BJ Ball Jointed Body (dolls)
BK Bent Knee (dolls)
BLB Big Little Book
BOMC Book of the Month Club Edition
BU Brilliant Un-circulated (coins)
BW Black and White(photos, illustrations, drawings)
C Cartridge Only(video game)
CART Cartridge(video game)
CB Cartridge(video game - no instructions)
CC Corner (books, magazines)
CCA Comic Code Authority
CCG Collectable Card Game
CF Centerfold (magazines)
CI Cartridge & Instructions(video games)
CM Customized
COA Certificate of Authenticity Coupon
CTB Coffee Table Book
CU Crisp Un-circulated (currency)
D Denver Mint (coins)
DB Divided Back (postcards)
DBL Double (2-in-1: paperbacks)
DJ Dust Jacket
DUTCH Dutch Auction(multiple quantities available)
EAPG Early American Pattern Glass
EC Excellent Condition
EF Extra Fine ConditionExtremely Fine (coins)
EP Extended Play(records, video tapes)
EXLIB Ex Library Book
FC Fine ConditionFront Cover
FDC First Day Cover (stamps)
F/E First Edition (books)
FE First Edition (books)
FFL Federally Licensed Firearms (dealer)
FN Fine Condition
FS Factory Sealed
G Good Condition
GD Good Condition
GF Gold Filled
GGA Good Girl Art(paperback book covers)
GSP Gold Sterling Plate
GWTWGone With the Wind
HB Hard Back (book)
HC Hard Cover (book)
HB/DJ Hardback (Book) with Dust Jacket
HIC Hole in Cover
HIL Hole in Label
HIST Historical (books)
HTF Hard to Find
HM Happy Meal (McDonald`s)
HOF Hall of Fame (baseball memorabilia / autograph / trading cards
HP Hard Plastic (dolls)Hand Painted
IBC Inside Back Cover
IFC Inside Front Cover
ILLO Illustration
INIT Initials
ISH Issue
JUVIEJuvenile Delinquency Theme
L Large
LBBP Large Bean Bag Plush (Disney)
LBC Lower Back Cover
LFC Lower Front Cover
LFT Left
LLBC Lower Left of Back Cover
LLFC Lower Left of Front Cover
LP Little People (Fisher Price toys)Long Playing Record
LRBC Lower Right on Back Cover
LRFC Lower Right on Front Cover
LSE Loose
LSW Label Shows Wear (records)
LTBX Letterbox (video that recreates a widescreen image)
LTD Limited Edition
LWOL Lot of Writing on Label (records)
M MediumMintMono (records)
MA Madame Alexander (dolls)
MAP Map Back (paperback books)
MC Mis-cut
MEDICMedical Genre (paperbacks)
MIB Mint in Box(box not necessarily mint)
MIBP Mint in Blister Pack
MIJ Made in Japan
MIMB Mint in Mint Box
MIMP Mint in Mint Package
MIOJ Made in Occupied Japan
MIOP Mint in Opened Package

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