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Collections / Antiques / Furniture / Furniture Glossary
Furniture Glossary

Antique furniture
Furniture Glossary
Furniture Styles
Taking Care of Furniture

Study Suits
Chairs and Armchairs
Bedroom Suites
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Casegoods - non-upholstery furniture pieces such as dressers, chests, and tables that are used for storage or function

Cassone - Italian chest, often highly decorated with carving and inlay

Centerpiece - ornament used to occupy the center of a dining table

Chaise-lounge - an upholstered chair with an elongated seat for reclining

Chamfer - a corner or edge that is cut at an angle or beveled

Channel back - a sofa or chair with vertical sections of cushioning in the back design

Chesterfield - deep-buttoned, sofa with the arms and back at the same height

Chest-on-chest - tall chest-of-drawers in two sections, one mounted on another slightly larger chest; also known as a tallboy

Chest-on-stand - tall chest-of-drawers on a stand, also known as a highboy

Chiffonnier - side cabinet with or without a drawer and with one or more shelves above

Chifforobe - a combination of wardrobe and chest-of-drawers

Claw-and-ball foot - a foot modeled as a ball gripped by an animal`s claw or bird`s talon

Club sofa - an upholstered piece of furniture whose arms are lower than its level back

Cockbeading - bead molding applied to the edges of drawers

Cocktail table - a table positioned in front of the major seating units which provides a surface for serving

Coffer - multi-functional traveling chest with handles and a domed lid but without feet, usually made of oak

COM/COL - Furniture industry term for "Customer`s own material" or "Customer`s own leather." Typically expressed in square yards for fabric(COM) and in square feet for leather(COL). Figure references the amount of material required for custom fabric or leather coverings.

Commode - French term for a chest-of-drawers

Console - a table intended to stand against a wall, between windows

Cornice - horizontal top portion on a piece of furniture

Credence table - a type of small table used for storing food before serving; generally a semi-circular table with a hinged top

Credenza - a long side cabinet used for serving and storage with shelves on the ends

Crossbanding - veneered edge to tabletops and drawer fronts, at right angles to the main veneer

Crown molding - transitional, or terminal element that contours or outlines the edges and surfaces on a projection or cavity, such as a cornice, architrave, capital, arch, base, or jamb; the surface of a molding is modeled with recesses and reliefs, which either maintain a constant profile or are set in rhythmically repeated patterns

Curio - a cabinet for storing collectibles and knick-knacks

Cushion drawer - a convex drawer below a cornice that runs the full width of a piece of furniture


Damask - a heavy, reversible fabric featuring a pattern which is distinguished from the background by contrasting luster

Davenport - a British term describing a small writing desk

Daybed - a seating piece, which can also serve as a bed

Dentil moulding - a moulding style consisting of a row of equally spaced carved rectangles or "teeth"

Diamond tufting - an arrangement of buttons which yields a diamond shaped pattern on the back of the piece

Double-doweled - a method of joining two pieces of wood which uses two dowel pins instead of one to ensure no shifting

Dovetailing - series of interlocking joints used to join sections of timber together

Drawer-lining - term referring to the side of a drawer

Dresser - a low long chest of drawers used for storing clothes

Drop handle - a pear-shaped handle made popular in the late 17th century

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