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Olympic Security Pins

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Even without an Olympic theme, security pins are heavily traded and sought throughout the world. During the Centennial Games in Atlanta, security pins became some of the hottest pins available, and many members of the police, FBI, security volunteers and other officials could often be found trading pins with other collectors. Every agency imaginable seemed to produce a pin from the DEA to the U.S. Marshall`s Office. After the Games, departments and divisions of many agencies kept the pin frenzy alive by producing new pins.

In Nagano, members of the police department were issued pins that served as part of their uniform. These pins were nearly impossible to get during the Games, as the police weren`t allowed to trade them. After the Games, some of these pins finally made their way into the hands of collectors.

For 2000, the Olympic Security Command Centre (OSCC) and the New South Wales Police force have already issued pins that have already become part of many pin traders` collections. Among them are pins for `Police Security,` `Dignitary Athlete Protection,` `Olympic Park Sydney West,` `Olympic Village Security,` `Olympic Security Command` and `Olympic Protocol Unit.` The Olympic Intelligence Centre pin, with a limited production of 300, has been one of the hottest pins leading up to the Games.

Some of the Olympic sponsors have begun producing pins for their security divisions, as well. In Nagano, UPS made a splash with collectors by producing a large limited edition security badge. For Sydney, UPS has again produced a pin, but in keeping with SOCOG`s guidelines, the pin has been designed so that it won`t resemble any type of law enforcement badge. The pin will be issued solely to the nine UPS security personnel to help UPS guests and staff identify them and won`t be worn at any Olympic venues. If UPS follows past practices, pins may be made available to other staff near the end of the Games.

Salt Lake City, which will host the 2002 Winter Games, is getting an early jump on security pins. The SLC office of the FBI has produced several pins already, and USWest produced the first 2002 sponsor security pin.

Like NOC pins, security pins offer an opportunity to meet some of the individuals involved in the Games. Security personnel work hard to ensure the safety of us all, but you`ll find that many of them will enjoy trading pins when they have time.

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